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We wish to express our condolences to Shierley Briegel on the passing of her husband, Roy Briegel (P, Sebring), on June 25, 2020 in Lakeside, Ohio. Candolences may be sent to Shirley at 419 East Fifth St., Lakeside Ohio 43440
The Lakeland Shuffleboard Club will reopen for club activities on June 9, 2020.

DECORUM:  Article 12 states, "Any indifference or conduct during tournament play regarded by directing officials to be unbecoming to the sportsmanship must be reported to the President of the F.S.A. for immediate consideration and/or action."  Past practice allows District Presidents to address violations at District tournaments.  Inappropriate, foul or abusive language constitues a violation of this Article and should not be tolerated at any time on or around shuffleboard courts.

Please check the Bulletin Board for announcements as well as updated rules and procedures.

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