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cRank (P/S/A)
cSex (M/F)

cLname cFname cClub nMstPts
Ball * Earl Betmar 32
Morton Keith Sebring 24
Myklejord Dean Lakeland 21
Houghtaling John Zephyrhills 20
Prescott * Paul Lakeland 20
Cunningham Harold Sebring 17
Rood Don Avon Park 16
Ruess DeLane Betmar 16
Sanborn Dave Lakeland 16
Hoskins Bob Sebring 15
McGaffey Gary Zephyrhills 14
Dawson Ron Winter Haven 14
Gabbard Gabby Lakeland 14
Strong * Henry Zephyrhills 13
Moulton Chuck Zephyrhills 13
Howard Jim Sebring 10
Johnson Richard Betmar 9
Walker Lyle Zephyrhills 9
Brown Larry Sebring 9
Ferry Ronald Winters 8