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cRank (P/S/A)
cSex (M/F)

cLname cFname cClub nMstPts
Seyfer Michael ZSC 13
Cunningham Harold Sebring 11
Ball * Earl Betmar 11
Houghtaling John ZSC 9
Blakely Gerry ZSC 7
Gabbard Gabby ZSC 7
Collins Jerry ZSC 7
Barnett Steve ZSC 6
Darwin George ZSC 6
Morgan Dan Lakeland 6
Stockman Doug Sanlan 6
Clarin Ozcar Lakeland 5
Miller Ray Sebring 5
Steadman Louie Lakeland 5
Shine Walt Betmar 5
Iverson Rueben Sebring 5
Morton Keith Sebring 5
Allaire Jean-Guy Camp Inn 4
Vermeulen Moe Saddlebag 4
Emmendorfer Al Avon Park 4